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The Swansea Chiropractor Blog


The Swansea Chiropractor Blog

Welcome to our blog! Here you will find the latest information on chiropractic treatment, health tips and well-being. Please feel free to get involved – suggest a topic or share your experiences here by clicking on the blog entry and posting a comment.

ongoing chiropractic careNewport Gwent Dragons

22/11/18: Well there’s been a lot happening at the Clinic this Summer – so much in fact that we’ve had very little time to do our usual blog. But one of the exciting things that happened was Chris being asked by the Newport Gwent Dragons to be their team chiropractor. He now spends an afternoon every week treating their players and has quickly gained a huge following. Read more as to how this came about and how the relationship is benefitting both the Club and Chris as a practitioner. We’ll be updating everyone soon on the comings and goings at the Clinic and our plans for 2019. Scary, but it really isn’t that far off.
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ongoing chiropractic careTrapped Nerves

09/08/18: This is one of the most common things people complain about when they come into the Clinic. But what is the condition? What causes it? Can it be treated? There is little doubt that when a nerve becomes trapped or pinched it causes a lot of pain that can be quite debilitating. Without getting too scientific this blog article explains in basic terms the part of the spine that is affected and why. The article goes on to set out how regular chiropractic adjustments can help resolve the issue.
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ongoing chiropractic careOngoing Chiropractic Care

27/06/18: Most of us are familiar with the routine of having regular dental checkups or visiting our optician once in a while to ensure that we can see properly. Yet the vast majority of our patients visit us with one request – to stop the pain. That’s perfectly understandable, but ongoing chiropractic care is so important. If you just wait for the pain then we have some work to do in alleviating that before moving on to improving your spinal health. As more research is being done into the benefits of ongoing chiropractic treatment many of our patients have already recognised that they feel real benefits from popping in to see us on a regular basis.
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Chiropractic For HeadachesChiropractic For Headaches

29/05/18: Most of us get them some time or another, but if you are getting constant, severe headaches something is almost certainly wrong. Tension headaches caused by (amongst other things) bad posture and stress are very common ailments we see at the Clinic, but with a proper treatment program that we formulate with the patient we are usually able to help. New research has shown that physical manipulation techniques such as chiropractic are very effective in treating tension headaches as we can correct problems with the spine and the muscles that surround it – the major cause of the trouble. If you’re suffering give us a call to arrange an appointment and we should be able to help.
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Lancet papers recommend chiropracticLancet Papers Recommend Chiropractic

27/03/18: We’ve always complained about the lack of medical research into chiropractic and have published some of the more important findings on this blog. So it was refreshing to see that the prestigious journal of the medical profession, the Lancet, recently published a series of papers addressing the increasing problem of lower back pain throughout the world. More importantly, the papers came to the conclusion that non-invasive techniques such as Chiropractic, were recommended in dealing with the problem rather than drugs, or even worse, surgery, that should only be a last resort. Great to see the President of the BCA being interviewed on Sky News about the subject too.
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Bad Back SwanseaBig Changes at The Clinic

26/02/18: Our first blog for a while as we have been so busy at the Clinic with some big, big changes coming your way. We have now taken on another chiropractor who is already establishing herself as a firm favourite with new patients. Maddie Earl is a first class honours graduate with experience in utilising various techniques including dry needling, and is sure to be a great asset to the Clinic. We’ve also had to create an additional treatment room and that work has now been completed, ensuring continuity of care for all our patients. New patients or old, pay us a visit and you won’t be disappointed at the changes that we are sure will lead to a better service for all.
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High heels and back painHigh Heels and Bad Backs

28/11/17: As we swing into party season many of my female patients will be putting on the style and dusting off their five inch heels. Yet I’m often asked whether there is a link between lower back pain and the wearing of skyscraper shoes. Most chiropractors would say that there is because we get so many female patients complaining about this very issue, though up until now the evidence has been little more than anecdotal. But now an independent study has collated other research and shown that there is definitely a link because the body’s centre of mass is unbalanced and the back muscles have to compensate. The upshot? Don’t be a party pooper, but try not to wear them for lengthy periods. [Read more…]



chiropractic and brain functionChiropractic and Brain Function

23/10/17: A bit of a technical blog this month, but bear with me. Chiropractic research is an exciting area but there is comparatively little of it around. So imagine how pleased I was to see this pivotal study proving that chiropractic adjustments can have a huge positive effect on a patient’s prefrontal cortex – as much as 20%. This goes a long way into explaining some of the anecdotal evidence most chiropractors hear every day that what they do is helping patients. Essential reading. [Read more…]


swansea chiropractor blog - tennis injuriesGoing on Holiday?

17/08/17: This time of year many of us are either preparing to jet off for some sun, sea and sand or have just returned. As chiropractors we often encounter cases of injuries sustained by holidaymakers, usually through lifting heavy luggage or from just sitting in one place for too long with poor posture – after all, airport and plane seats aren’t the best for spinal health. Everything you need to know, from types of luggage to advice on packing and unpacking – we hope you find this useful.  Follow these simple tips for a carefree holiday in the sun. [Read more…]



swansea chiropractor blog - tennis injuriesTennis Time!

22/06/17: Many of us enjoy watching Wimbledon at this time of the year but a select few also think we’re the next Andy or Serena and take to the courts. Little wonder – tennis is hugely enjoyable to play and requires strength, agility, skill and mental toughness. However, tennis injuries are not uncommon and even the top players use chiropractors to get them back on court as quickly as possible. Here are some pointers to help you avoid ending up on one of our treatment tables. [Read more…]


running injuriesRunning Injuries

11/05/17: Yes, it’s that time of year when we see our summer holidays looming and realise that maybe we are not in the best of shape. But what do we do to get beach-body ready? Many people go running – it’s a low-cost, effective way to get fit, you are out in the fresh air and you will be burning calories for fun. So why do we treat so many runners at the Clinic? Running can be tough on joints and muscles and many of our patients are either new runners or those who have ignored some warning signs. Here’s how to prevent problems and keep you on the road. [Read more…]


pregnancy back pain swansea chiropractor blogPregnancy Back Pain

13/04/17: Why do so many women experience pregnancy back pain? Don’t panic. It’s perfectly normal. We have treated many women who have experienced back pain or other problems during pregnancy and most of them have reported significant relief from their symptoms. We have special pregnancy cushions that we use during treatment so our patients don’t have to worry about baby being pressed against a treatment table. So lets take a look at why many women suffer during pregnancy. [Read more…]


swansea chiropractorIce Pack or Heat Pack?

18/03/17: Patients often want to know whether an ice pack or a heat pack will help alleviate pain and help with treatment. The short answer is yes, depending on the condition. As a general rule heat application (thermotherapy) is incredibly effective for reducing muscle pain and helping with arthritis whilst cold packs (cryotherapy) can help with reducing inflamed, swollen areas. But research has thrown up some interesting twists. [Read more…]


swansea chiropractorNew Year, New Direction!

12/01/17: As the New Year comes in we’ve taken some time to assess where we’re going and how far we’ve come as a practice. It’s great to help as many people as we can and with more patients coming through the door there have inevitably been lots of changes at the Clinic over the past year with a new layout, additional reception staff and another chiropractor to help with increasing demand for our services. We’re also going to try out a new direction for the blog in future with some interesting and very real case studies. : [Read more…]


Jon_Seated_smSay Hi to Jon!

10/11/16: OK, we know we’ve not posted a blog for a while but we’ve been really busy at the Clinic. So much so that we’ve taken on a new Chiropractor. Say hi to the newest member of the team, Doctor of Chiropractic Jonathan McCall, who is already getting something of a following with our new patients : [Read more…]


bentspineatdeskWhy Do I Need A Chiropractor?

01/07/16: As we’ve just passed our first anniversary I thought it would a be a good time to revisit the numerous reasons why patients come to us – from chronic pain to restrictions in movement and so on – and highlight how we can help them back on their feet as quickly as possible: [Read more…]



swansea chiropractorTop 5 Tips to Avoid Pain

07/03/16: Most patients who visit the Swansea Chiropractic Clinic are experiencing pain to varying degrees and I can usually help them with this. However, I always give advice on what they can do to avoid a recurrence. Whilst every patient is unique, there are lifestyle changes you can make today to avoid pain. Click here to see my top 5 tips: [Read more…]


swansea chiropractic clinicWe Support Macmillan

19/02/16: During February & March 2016 Swansea Chiropractic Clinic is contributing £20 for every new patient through our doors to Macmillan Cancer Support. Read more here about how we’re doing. [Read more…]


swansea chiropractor blogPills For Neck Pain? Think Again

05/02/16: Lots of people suffer problems with neck pain and it’s perfectly understandable to reach for the painkillers but there are alternatives. Recent research has shown that both regular chiropractic adjustments and regular, specific exercise will result in better outcomes. [Read more…]


swansea chiropractor blog‘Tis The Season….To Be Careful

23/12/15: Many For my final blog entry of the year, a big thank you to my loyal patients. It’s been an amazing 6 months and I’m so glad I’ve been able to help you get back on the road to recovery. But during this season of goodwill, please take extra care with your backs! [Read more…]


sports injuries chiropractic

Sports Injuries – Chiropractic Can Help

09/11/15: Many people are shocked when I tell them that chiropractors don’t just spend their time carrying out spinal adjustments. Chiropractic is proven to help in the treatment of a wide range of sports injuries to get you back on the track or in the gym as quickly as possible. [Read more…]


chiropractic back exercises

Chiropractic Back Exercises

22/09/15: Studies have shown that regular exercise has a crucial role in maintaining spinal health, but be careful about what you do and how you do it, because the type of exercise you do is important if you already have a problem. [Read more…]


swansea chiropractic clinic

Lower Back Pain? Hold The Paracetamol!

21/08/15: A relatively new study recently published in the BMJ has confirmed what many of us have known for some time – Paracetamol is hopeless at treating lower back pain and you’d get the same result if you ate a Chocolate Smartie. [Read more…]


swansea chiropractor blog

My Poor Old Back!

30/07/15: Old age comes to us all if we’re lucky but just because there are inevitable changes in our bodies as we age that’s not to say spinal problems are not preventable. The key is to stay as active as you can for as long as you can and, of course, regular maintenance. [Read more…]


neck pain

A Real Pain In The Neck

07/07/15: One of the most common problems at the Clinic are those associated with the neck, and it’s no surprise really. Over 70% of us will experience neck pain at some time during our lives. Chiropractic can help but there are also things you can do to avoid problems. [Read more…]


swansea back pain

Gardeners Back Problems

28/06/15: It’s that time of year when we all enjoy our gardens but if you’re green fingered you may want to be wary out there. Injuries caused by over-reaching and lifting heavy objects are commonplace but can be avoided with a little care. [Read more…]


spinal maintenance

Spinal Maintenance For Everyday Life

20/06/15: Most of us lead busier lives than ever before, with little time to take care of ourselves. Couple that with a more sedentary lifestyle that often involves sitting at a desk all day and it’s a recipe for trouble. Here’s how to improve things. [Read more…]


is chiropractic treatment safe

Is Chiropractic Treatment Safe?

22/03/15: It’s a commonly asked question, so here we take a look at what chiropractic is effective at treating, what it’s not, and what you can expect when you visit your practitioner. You may be surprised at how thorough most chiropractors are in taking the time to assess your problem in order to ascertain the cause of it. [Read more…]